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Helpful Consumer Review

Veet For Men Review

Uncontrolled Substance on Pinterest



America’s Got Talent Ladies Man

Gotta luv 84 year old Ray Jessel’s America’s Got Talent audition…

Baby Buggy


Olympic Farting Figure Skating

This highly flatulent performance will surely resonant in the annals of Olympic farting figure skating history…


Demented Deranged Perfect

Red Sox World Series Celebration

Happy Halloween >  GRIM JUBILEE

Undercover Investigation: The Biggest Scam Ever!

Special undercover investigation reveals a serious scam that has spread throughout the nation leaving countless victims in it’s wake. You or someone you know has likely been affected by this travesty of justice…

Banned iPhone 5 Promo

Check out this banned iPhone 5 promo with ‘inside info’ that Apple deemed “too revealing” for public viewing. It’s amazing, extraordinary, revolutionary, extramazingnarylutioning and other astonishing adjectives!


Click-On To View Full Gallery > Serial Butt Stabbers!

Amazing Korean Horse Humping Fitness Machine!

Ever get the urge to do wild pelvic thrusts in your living room but you’re worried you may dislocate your spine, or worse, not burn enough calories? Well those crafty Koreans have just the product for you… “The Ace Power Horse Riding Fitness Machine!”

Now you can perform all sorts of normally obscene pelvic thrusts and lose 6 or 7 calories too!

As demonstrated by the woman in the snazzy mouse fur jump suit, jello people who could not previously stand with their arms in front of them now have the stability of people with skeletal structure just by using this miracle machine!

I’m not sure what the couple towards the end of the commercial are talking about as he happily humps away but I’m betting it’s something frisky 🙂

Order Now!

Gatorade Buzz

A Bill Pullman Independence Day

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